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When you have ambitious goals and deadlines to meet, navigating the landscape of digital strategy can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of considerations including revenue generation, conversion rates, SEO, website performance, employee satisfaction, analytics and reporting. But where do you start?

Digital web strategy (sometimes called digital marketing strategy) creates and implements a plan to help you meet your business goals using technology. This might be creating experiences that have a high level of customer engagement, that convert into many relevant contact requests or generate more sales.

A good digital strategy document should create a roadmap for your website and other digital properties (eg social media channels) that can be referred to by teams that include marketing, sales, operations, customer services and IT.

When creating a digital strategy, organisations should answer questions such as:

  • Do we need to improve the relevance of the leads we generate for our sales team?

  • Do we need a faster or more reliable website to help customers find what they're looking for more quickly?

  • Should we be publishing content that demonstrates industry leadership?

Answering these sorts of questions will help set a clear direction for your teams and organisation. It will also help you to understand and develop the value of your digital assets, to create a cohesive digital journey for your customers and to improve marketing ROI.

Our experience, coupled with our research and development processes, deliver insights that help you make the right decisions and create an effective and successful digital strategy. We can also combine this process with ecosystem planning, helping to make the most of your investments and ensure consistency and efficiency across your business.

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Assess the impact

The effect on your customers and business.
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Set your ambitions

What is realistically achievable and assign KPIs or OKRs to those ambitions.
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Manage the process

Support with the implementation, internal education and adoption of your strategy.
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