Persona development

Build a detailed understanding of your ideal customer profiles

Customer centric

Understand your customer

Like any top-performing product or service, behind every website there should be a set of personas that reflect the users you want to attract and convert. These detailed profiles use demographics, lifestyle factors and pain points to guide your website design, functionality and content.

Personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal target customers based on your data and wider research. Once defined, they allow you to visualise your customer when developing your product, evolving your brand, determining your marketing activity, defining customer journeys, structuring your sales strategy and even forecasting your business growth. The number of personas you have depends on your business, some have just 1, and others can have upwards of 20!

A great starting point is to consider your current customer base. How are they engaging with your business and are there any trends in their profile and behaviour? You can then supplement this through research, customer feedback, surveys and even customer interviews.

With all this data and insight you will begin to form your key personas. We can run workshops with you at this point to draw out the key attributes including motivators, blockers, challenges and personality traits.

We recommend developing a set of personas for almost any website design and development project. It will go a long way to maximising the end performance of your website and achieving your business goals.

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Behaviour patterns

Determine the series of behaviours or patterns that your consumers follow before making a purchase.
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Customer data

Define and understand the personal, behavioural and demographic information you have on your customers.
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Triggers & objections

Determine the common deciding factors in a prospects journey and how to mitigate them.

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