Search engine optimisation

SEO is all about well crafted content and discoverability

Technical Foundations

Search optimised as standard

A well optimised-for-search website doesn’t involve any trickery, just some early planning and consideration during the build, content planning and deployment processes. In the short to medium term, this wilI boost your search rankings, reduce your ad spend, and increase your website’s relevance and ROI. We will ensure your website performs at its technical and structural best.

As standard, every new website we design and develop has SEO in mind. Core technical optimisation considerations such as site speed, URL structure, sitemaps, and meta-data come as standard with all of our new build websites.

quarterly SEO recommendations to help keep you and your website up to date

During the design process, using UX and UI best practices and user testing we will also optimise on-site engagement and conversion rates from go-live. Improving bounce rates, page views and other metrics are strong positive signals considered by search engine algorithms, and they're increasing in importance.

For all websites maintained and hosted at Monogram, we can also provide quarterly SEO recommendations that help keep you and your website up to date and ahead of the competition.

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