UI and UX design

Creating elegant, interactive and engaging experiences for your end user

Designing within Frameworks

Design that delivers results

Designing a website needs both User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designers, just like designing a building needs an architect. Without them, your site may look good, but may not function correctly or your users might not find what they’re looking for.

Monogram will work with you and your team to take your website project goals, user personas and design principles and translate them into flat visuals (mock-ups) and interactive wireframes that are both elegant and functional. 

User experience designers work from the customer personas defined within the strategy and planning phase of any project. Our objective is to embrace key theories on information architecture, function and usability to produce a digital experience that will engage and inspire your audience. We design end-to-end journeys that optimise conversion from various entry points and channels, and consider the hierarchy of desired user actions.

User interface designers add colour, texture, shape, imagery and typography to the UX wireframes. Applying your brand to screen-based designs and creating beautiful interfaces that support a consistent and visually directed experience for the user.

The combination of both skillsets is key to creating a successful and performant solution that is in line with your brand and business objectives.

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The consideration of typography, colour palette, image treatments, tone of voice and more.
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Information architecture

The hierarchy of content throughout a users flows through your website.
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User research

A solid understanding of your user provides an essential foundation to any design process.

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