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A microsite for a worldwide entertainment brand

We helped our agency partner to deliver a high visibility campaign across social channels in multiple countries. It was on time, on budget and exceeded expectations at every step.

When one of our agency partners dreamt up a great campaign to help promote a range of TV series for a worldwide entertainment brand, they called on us for help with the digital execution. As with many of the projects we work on with other agencies, the end client is theirs and we won’t name them – but if we did, you’d know who they were!

The brief

The idea was simple – users would take a quiz to help determine which of the famous characters from the 15 or so TV series was their best match. They could then share the match to their social channels as well as find out more about how and where to stream it.

The site was to be presented in five languages and targeted across western Europe, which meant high traffic volumes with potentially large peaks and troughs in traffic as the campaign played out on social media.

Our solutions


We helped our agency partner to plan the build taking all factors of the campaign into account. This included the ability to:

  • Display all pages in multiple languages

  • Automatically present in the preferred language of each user

  • Link to the most appropriate streaming services for the territory

  • Support high levels of traffic, within budgetary constraints

  • Capture and report on usage statistics whilst adhering to privacy regulations and requirements


After our talented agency partner put together a series of designs that showed how they’d like the site to look and feel, we started the build. A combination of best practice alongside a series of automated tests made sure we’d optimised for the audience – fast load times, seamless functionality and flawless presentation across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

We were aware that last minute copy changes were likely as translations were reviewed by local teams. With this in mind, we used a simple, easy to use CMS that enabled our agency partner to make copy changes across languages without the need for a developer. This kept the end client happy as changes were made quickly and it helped keep us focused on the task at hand too.

We added integrations that automatically shared translated text, imagery and campaign links to users' social media channels, with the aim of helping them show off their results whilst driving campaign traffic too. We also integrated custom analytics and tracking tools so that we could report on how the campaign site performed, whilst respecting users’ privacy and adhering to all relevant regulations.


We helped our agency partner procure and configure cloud-based infrastructure that delivered high scalability. We set this up so that the site used hosting resources in line with the volume of traffic the campaign received. If things were quiet, the hosting resources were kept to a minimum. But, if things got busy, the infrastructure automatically responded by adding additional resources to cope with high traffic and to keep things fast for all users. This meant the hosting budget was optimised for the duration of the campaign and we only spent what was needed at any given time.


We helped our agency partner to deliver a very popular campaign, which gained high visibility across social channels in multiple countries as a result. This was delivered on time and on budget and touches such as a CMS for translations helped to manage the campaign mechanic, demonstrating our understanding of work in this sphere. Well tested social integrations helped the campaign gain traction.

You’re like the SAS! You drop into our team, deliver amazing work and then disappear – and no-one ever knows you were there.

Anonymous Head of Digital

We’re unable to disclose campaign results here, but we’re proud to say all targets were well and truly smashed!

If you’d like to find out more about how we work with our agency partners to deliver best in class websites and digital solutions, please contact us.

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