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Campaign site for a luxury sports car manufacturer

In collaboration with an agency partner, we created an on-brand campaign microsite that delivered a premium user experience. It delivered custom built functionality that drove ROI in a measurable and meaningful way.

When one of our agency partners contacted us to ask if we’d like to be involved in the construction of a campaign microsite for a well-known luxury sports car manufacturer, we jumped at the opportunity. As with many of the projects we work on with other agencies, the end client is theirs and we won’t name them – but suffice to say they’re a household name.

The brief

When we heard more about the campaign we knew this was going to be special. Not only were we applying the brand of a sports car manufacturer with incredible heritage, but we also need to help promote sales of their used vehicles through another well-known automotive advertising business. So, it didn’t just have to look good, it also needed to work well too.

Our solutions


Before the build began proper, we began creating plans and prototypes based on the functionality required. We knew that users would need to search, filter, view and ultimately indicate their interest in a live and dynamic list of vehicles, so we began back-end work to accommodate this. We needed to support this with levels of accuracy and performance to match the cars we were displaying. This meant a great deal of custom-built integration and backend code that closely considered security, functional requirements, analytics and performance. Working on this whilst the design work took place meant we were able to get ahead and deliver to the tight timescales required by the campaign.

In the meantime the agency partner created a set of superb set designs, images and videos that conveyed an on-brand premium look and feel. When we received these, we meticulously built the front end so that the user experience matched expectations (and the designs!) across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. 

Our build also included a number of custom analytics integrations to help measure performance, conversion rates and return on investment.

With the build complete and our suite of automated tests passing, we shared development links with our agency partner and began our final build phase – feedback and content refinement. Clear communication was key here and we worked collaboratively to ensure all changes were completed as the client expected within the time available.


Not only did we build the campaign site, but we were also responsible for helping to  manage the infrastructure on which it was deployed. We selected the most appropriate technologies for the job by balancing security, performance and budgetary considerations.


In collaboration with our agency partner, we created an on-brand campaign microsite that delivered a premium user experience under a tight deadline. It delivered custom built functionality that drove sales in a measurable and meaningful way.

This really is ace. You’ve pulled out all the stops!

Anonymous Director

We were immensely proud to be a part of building this for a well-known sports car manufacturer with such heritage. Not just because it’s what childhood dreams are made of, but also because our agency partners trusted us to deliver.

If you’d like to find out more about how we work with our agency partners to deliver best in class websites and digital solutions, please contact us.

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